October 12, 2011
Oregon Food Bank


Oregon Food Bank believes no one should be hungry. With sufficient public will and support of the entire community, we believe it is possible to eliminate hunger and its root causes.  

Since 1982, Oregon Food Bank has led the fight against hunger in Oregon and southwest Washington by collecting and distributing food through a network of four OFB branches and 16 independent regional food banks. The OFB Network helps nearly 1 in 5 households fend off hunger. OFB also leads statewide efforts to increase resources for hungry families and to eliminate the root causes of hunger through advocacy, nutrition education, garden education and helping communities strengthen local food systems


The Do Good Bus dropped them at Oregon Food Bank where Do Good Bus volunteers packaged 9,693 lbs of onions for Oregon Food Banks’ network agencies to distribute to families in need. Riverpoint Farms in Hermiston donated the onions to the food bank.


People interested in volunteering with Oregon Food Bank may visit

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