September 20, 2011
Orlando, FL
Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed is the only furniture bank in Central Florida. When individuals in the community have experienced personal tragedy, homelessness, disaster, abuse, illness or loss of employment, we provide the basic household items and clothing they need to start fresh as an individual or family. During fiscal year 2009-10, 3,945 Central Floridians with 60% of those being children, received help from The Mustard Seed. We reply on furniture and household donations in order to keep our inventory plentiful!

We spent the day in two groups — Team Mattress and Team Organizers.  The Organizers sorted clothes, furniture, kitchen items and tons of items needed for a perfect home.  Team Mattress had box cutters and scissors in hand to rip apart and separate mattresses.  Pieces and parts are sold to a mattress factory for recycling and reusing.

We recycled 100 mattresses in less than 3 hours and tried break the current record by Rollins College students — 167 mattresses.  Good news is: we challenged our local dogooders to gather their friends and return in the near future to CRUSH that record. Game on. 


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